The Lane Anderson Award — created by the Fitzhenry Family Foundation — honours the very best science writing in Canada today, both in the adult and young reader categories. The winner in each category receives $10,000.

Submissions for the 2019-2020 Lane Anderson Award are open. Please go to the Submissions page for more information.

The Fitzhenry Family Foundation

Robert and Hilda Fitzhenry established the Fitzhenry Family Foundation in December 1987 as a private charitable foundation devoted to the promotion of human rights and education, animal welfare, culture, and the protection of the earth and its resources from overzealous development.

The foundation has dispensed over $400,000 in pursuit of these goals. It has been involved in the establishment and support of:

  • The Bridget Fitzhenry Scholarship, Uxbridge Secondary School, Durham Board of Education
  • The Fitzhenry-Galligan Scholarship, School of Nursing, Mountainside Hospital Montclair, New Jersey

Additional projects supported by the Foundation are Friends of the Nemaiah Valley (BC), WaterCan, Zoocheck and the Abkhazi Rhododendron Garden (BC).