2019-2020 Young Reader Winner

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, the 2019-2020 books were combined into one year of submission.

Heads Up Changing Minds on Mental Health is a relevant, inclusive book that speaks directly to today’s youth.

Melanie Siebert uses a combination of real life stories, history of treatments, common diagnosis’s, different ways of approaching mental health and helpful ideas on various treatments.

Included in the book are examples from Indigenous people that present a variety of ways to try to deal and heal mental health issues using a more holistic approach.  This book would be a very useful guide for teens who require support, finding they are not alone; and accessing additional resources to follow up-either exploring the examples written in the book or found in the websites listed.

An excellent tool for teachers, libraries and support groups. The usefulness of this book cannot be overstated. A must have book for secondary school libraries. 

One wonderful message relayed in this book, “Your mental health is part of you, but does not define you.”  Lee Thomas