Past Winners and Finalists

Young Adult Winners

YearWinning TitleShortlistShortlistShortlist
2021Heads Up
Melanie Siebert with illustrator Belle Wuthrich
(Orca Book Publishers)
Pretty Tricky
Etta Kaner with Illustrator Ashley Barron
(Owl Kids)
Bird's Eye View
Ann Erikkson
(Orca Book Publishers)
2019The Space Adventurer's Guide
Peter McMahon with illustrator Josh Holinaty
(Kids Can Press)

Trash Revolution
Erica Fyvie with Illustrator Bill Slavin
(Kids Can Press)
Wild Buildings and Bridges
Etta Kaner with Illustrator Carl Wiens
(Kids Can Press)
Maria Birmingham
(Owl Kids)
Big Blue Forever
Anita Miettunen
(Red Deer Press)
Jane Drake and Ann Love
(Annick Press)
20175 Giraffes
Anne Innis Dagg
(Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
Monster Science
Helaine Becker and Phil McAndrew
(Kids Can Press)
Inside Your Insides
Claire Eamer
(Kids Can Press)
2016The Queen's Shadow
Cybele Young
(Kids Can Press)
What’s the Buzz? Keeping Bees in Flight
Merrie-Ellen Wilcox
(Orca Book Publishers)
Head Lice: The Disgusting Critters Series
Elise Gravel
(Tundra Books)
Foodprints: The Story of What We Eat
Paula Ayer
Annick Press
2015Fuzzy Forensics
L.E Carmichael
Plesiosaur Peril (Tales of Prehistoric Life)
Daniel Loxton
(Kids Can Press)
Tastes Like Music: 17 Quirks of the Brain and Body
Maria Birmingham
(Owl Kids)
2014Before the World Was Ready
Claire Eamer
(Annick Press)
Pterosaur Trouble
Daniel Loxton and Jim W.W Smith
(Kids Can Press)
Chitchat: Celebrating the World's Language
Jude Isabella, Kathy Boake
(Kids Can Press)
2013Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea
Helaine Becker
(Kids Can Press)
Canada Recycles
Peter Cooke and Laura Suzuki
(Scholastic Canada)
How to Raise Monarch Butterflies
Carol Pasternak
2012Nowhere Else on Earth
Caitlyn Vernon
(Orca Book Publishers)
What Does the Earth Sound Like?
Eva Everything
(ECW Press)
Totally Human
Cynthia Pratt Nicolson
(Kids Can Press)


Adult Winners

YearWinning TitleWinning TitleShortlistShortlistShortlist
2018 Winner18 Miles
Christopher Dewdney
ECW Press
The Spinning Magnet
Alanna Mitchell
Penguin Random House
Conspiracy of Hope
Renee Pellerin
Goose Lane Editions
2017 Our Vanishing Glaciers
Robert William Sandford
Rocky Mountain Books
Edward Struzik
Island Press
Rise of the Necrofauna
Britt Wray
2016 At Sea With the Marine Birds of the Raincoast
Caroline Fox
Rocky Mountain Books
North America in the Anthropocene
Robert William Sandford
Rocky Mountain Books
Bad Singer
Tim Falconer
House of Anansi
100 Million Years of Food
Stephen Le
Harper Collins
2015Malignant Metaphor
Alanna Mitchell
ECW Press
Once They Were Hats
Frances Backhouse
ECW Press
Dam Builders
Michael Runtz
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Slick Water Fracking
Andrew Nikiforuk
Greystone Books and the Davide Suzuki Institute
2014 Your Water Footprint
Stephen Leahy
Firefly Books
Canadian Spacewalkers
Bob McDonald
Douglas and McIntyre
Planet Heart
Dr. Francois Reeves
Greystone Books
2013Book cover: Peace-Athebasca Delta: Portrait of a Dynamic Ecosystem The Peace-Athabasca Delta
Kevin P. Timoney
University of Alberta Press
Manitoba Butterflies
Simone Hebert Allard
Turnstone Press
The Oil Man and the Sea
Arno Kopecky
Douglas & McIntyre
2012 The Universe Within
Neil Turok
Fatal Flaws
Jay Ingram
Harper Collins
Greg Wells
Harper Collins
2011 The Atlantic Coast
Harry Thurston
Cascadia's Fault
Jerry Thompson
Strange New Worlds
Ray Jayawardhana